Custom Medications for Kids

Children do not like to take their medication. The most common reason for this is the taste of bitter liquids or the inability to swallow pills available at most retail pharmacies. That’s why compounding pharmacy is so important in the field of pediatric medicine.

Bayside Pediatric Compounding Pharmacy offers palatable medication solutions for children. We customize the form and dosage of the medicines to suit their tastes. We create a lozenge of medical drugs otherwise available only in large solid pill forms. Bayside Pediatric Compounding Pharmacy works in close collaboration with the pediatrician and the child patient to make medication easier.

We create specialized medicines for children while considering that food allergies can appear at any age. According to a survey, babies and children are often allergic to peanuts, soy, milk, wheat, and eggs. We prepare medications for children keeping their medical history and allergies in mind. Some children have sensory disorders, making them sensitive to the rough textures of pills. In these cases, a Bayside Pediatric Compounding Pharmacist makes the lozenges and suspensions smoother to provide a better feel and taste for the child.

Children often fall ill; even a healthy child tends to fall ill once in a while. Their food allergies make it difficult for them to take manufactured medicines. We provide customized medications with variable medicinal strengths to suit every child according to his/her weight and personal preferences. We prepare suspensions, lollipops, and suppositories for relief from pain, diaper rash, skin disorders, cold, fever, and many more ailments.

Bayside Pediatric Compounding Pharmacy provides flavored medications to not only make medications taste better but to provide customized dosage strengths and forms, making the recovery of your child less stressful.

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